Sexaholics Anonymous meetings in the UK

Sexaholics Anonymous meetings take place face to face, in groups, by Skype and by telephone. For more information on Sexaholics Anonymous meetings in England, Scotland and Wales, call the helpline on 0300 111 7777 or email us with details of your closest meeting. A member from your local group will be in touch as soon as possible. Meetings listed are weekly and for sexaholics only.  Any sexaholic, or person who thinks they may have a problem with lust may go to any of them.

Sexaholics Anonymous Meetings in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

(For meetings in Ireland, please see the Ireland sa website)  


 Town Day Time
Aberdeen Tuesday 7:00pm
Aberystwyth Monday 9:30am
Aberystwyth Thursday 10:30am
Aberystwyth Saturday 3:00pm
Belfast Monday 6.30pm
Belfast Wednesday 6.30pm
Belfast Saturday 12.30pm
Birmingham Tuesday 7:00pm
Birmingham – Newcomers Thursday 7:30pm
Bournemouth Tuesday 7:30pm
Bournemouth Friday 7:30pm
Bournemouth Sunday 5:00pm
Bristol Monday 7:00pm
Buxton (Derbyshire) Monday 7:30pm
Cardiff Friday 8:00pm
Chelmsford Monday 7:00pm
Dalton-in-Furness Tuesday 6:00pm
Derry/Donegal Monday 8:00pm
Dundee Wednesday 7.00pm
Edinburgh Sunday 3.30pm
Edinburgh Monday 1.00pm
Exeter Monday 7:30pm
Farnworth Thursday 8:30pm
Farnworth Saturday 8:45pm
Farnworth Sunday 7:45pm
Glasgow  Thursday 7:00pm
Gloucester Wednesday 2:15pm
London (Camden) Saturday 9:00am
London (Edgware) Monday 8.00pm
London (Golders Green) Sunday 8.30pm
London (Golders Green) Thursday 9:00pm
London (Room 3, Hinde Street Methodist Church,                                                 19 Thayer St, W1U 2QJ) Monday 7:30pm
London (Honor Oak Park) Tuesday 8:00pm
London (Honor Oak Park) Friday 7:30pm
London (Norwood Junction) Thursday 8:00pm
London (South Norwood) – Polish Speaking Thursday 8:00pm
London (Hackney)
Sunday 6:00pm
London (Uxbridge) Friday 8:00pm
Manchester Tuesday 7:30pm
Newcastle Thursday 7:00pm
Newcastle Sunday 7:00pm
Northampton – Polish Speaking – Once a month  Sunday 12:00 noon
Norwich Wednesday 7:00pm
Oxford Friday 6:00pm
Plymouth Friday 6:00pm
Preston Thursday 7:00pm
St. Albans, Herts Thursday 7:30pm
Warrington Sunday 7:30pm
Worcester (St. John’s) Wednesday 7:00pm

We may also be able to put you in touch with individuals recovering in the following areas, do contact us on 0300 111 7777 or email us for more details:

Bangor / County Down NI

East Scotland

There are also regular Skype sexaholics anonymous meetings and telephone conference call meetings you may join from anywhere in the world. You can obtain details of telephone/skype sexaholics anonymous meetings by contacting SA through the webform located here


sexaholics anonymous meetings

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